North Riding Point Club


North Riding Point Club is committed to the preservation of local eco-systems and marine life.
As custodians, we feel it’s important to safeguard our club traditions for the enjoyment of future anglers.

The Bahamas Initiative is a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust collaborative research and conservation program. Through field research, data is recorded and analyzed to determine the bonefish’s population health, biology, habitat, and movements. Recent research reveals that there is still much to learn about bonefish, and that some widely assumed bonefish “facts” are not bona fide. The Bahamas Initiative is helping facilitate the development of effective fish and habitat management strategies, ensuring the conservation and long-term health of bonefish fisheries throughout the Bahamas.

The Bahamas National Trust, created in 1959, establishes initiatives and educational programs to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the natural and historical resources of the Bahamas. Its strategic plan includes marine litter and invasive alien species control. The BNT continues to develop an integrated National Parks and protected areas system. There are now 27 National Parks protecting over one million acres, across eight islands. Three of these parks are located on Grand Bahama Island:


Lucayan National Park (NRPC’s neighbor) is unique in that it is the only location in the Bahamas that encompasses all 6 of the islands’ ecosystems. This park includes seasonal access to one of the longest underwater limestone caves in the world. Just minutes from NRPC, this is a must see.

Rand Nature Center, close to downtown Freeport, is an educational nature center focused on the preservation of Grand Bahama’s indigenous habitat.

Peterson Cay National Park is only accessible by boat. It is a small undeveloped limestone island one mile off the south shore of GBI. It is a protected area and removal or disturbance to the park’s plant, animal, and marine life is prohibited by law. Nature enthusiasts can swim, snorkel, and explore this natural habitat.

A visit to any of these parks during your stay can be arranged by making prior arrangements with Paul Adams.