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North Riding Point Club is an all-inclusive catch & release fishing lodge located on Grand Bahama Island, near the city of Freeport. Established in 1994 by a group of avid anglers, the club evokes the tradition of an upscale fishing camp. Hosting small groups of guests, we offer a retreat with deluxe modern amenities, personalized service, and world-class bonefishing.


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Our choice accommodations have ocean views and are in close proximity to club amenities. Choose single or double occupancy, a comfortable stay is assured.


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Flats Fishing

The Bahamas is home to the world’s largest bonefish haven. NRPC is strategically located to fish Grand Bahama’s best flats. Our guides go where others can’t. 


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Amenities & Activities

NRPC’s casual luxe amenities and special touches welcome and restore guests after an exciting day of fishing or island adventure. It just doesn't get any better. 


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Packages & Rates

NRPC’s season runs September to July. Our rate schedule details weekend to full week packages. Occupancy is limited; book now to secure your preferred dates.


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More about NRPC

At NRPC, we offer some of the best bonefishing on earth; we respect the environment, appreciate our loyal staff, and value our guests. For us, fishing is more than a pastime. Come experience the difference. Click/touch our gallery photos for more on-the-fly info.

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Our Team

What really sets us apart is the personalized attention paid to each and every guest. The NRPC family is welcoming, enthusiastic, and eager to meet guest needs and special requests. Come as a guest, leave as a friend.

Paul Adams General Manager

Our General Manager, Paul Adams, is a passionate angler who grew up on Grand Bahama and was taught fly fishing by the legendary sportsman and editor of Field & Stream, A.J. McClane. He comes to North Riding Point Club with a unique skill set including insightful local knowledge, and extensive lodge management experience. Paul makes himself readily available to guests and can be contacted for reservation inquiries, or simply to talk shop.


The Guides

NRPC’s local fishing guides are licensed captains, Orvis certified, and experienced. They work hard to ensure that their guests’ time on the flats is not only productive, but also entertaining and fun. Our team is led by Stanley Glinton, who has been guiding with the club since the beginning. Stanley, and the others, are equally adept at guiding novice to expert anglers. NRPC guides are all down-to-earth and cooperative; they love what they do and appreciate your business.


Island Hospitality

Management and staff work together to provide guests with an optimum stay. Employees are quick to pass on their warm Bahamian hospitality.  Our staff recognizes guest preferences and strives to surpass expectations. Much of the staff has been working at the club from day one, so you’ll be fondly greeted, by name, time and again. The NRPC team is talented, detail oriented, and happy to share their home and culture with guests.


Get in Touch

Contact us for further information, questions, availability, and reservations. We look forward to hearing from you!


Burnside Cove, Grand Bahama Island 242 374 4210   US 864 248 6113 info@nrpcbonefishing.com